Friday, July 29, 2011

New Onyx Pic

Just finished an Onyx sketch for fun. It was a nice break from all the wedding prep.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bridging Worlds: Mega Man Classic and X

This has been a very tough year for the blue bomber. Capcom has shut down two of his latest adventures and excluded him from the Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 roster. The future seems to promise more toys, comics, and apparel from the franchise, but what about the most important question we, the fans, are asking ourselves: Where are the games?

Like millions of other gamers in the world, I grew up with Mega Man and I'm never going to give up hope on him or the franchise. I'm not going to waste time justifying myself, so let me get straight to the point. Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man X9 are the most requested titles by fans, but for many years I've wanted a game that bridges the gap between the Classic and X series. A game that tells us what happened in the Classic series's final days, and how the forces of good and evil concluded their battle, for a time. Here's my vision of what could be one of the most unique Mega Man games to date.

It starts with Dr. Wily causing trouble as usual. Mega Man is sent in to deal with this latest threat, only to come face to face with a prototype Zero. This battle is handled similarly to the first time X encounters Vile. Mega man is nearly defeated by Zero, until Proto Man comes to rescue him. Together, the pair manages to force Zero to retreat.

Back at the lab, Dr. Light reveals that he removed Mega Man's charge and slide abilities in order to upgrade them. He then explains that they're still incomplete. After Mega Man collects components found in the robot master levels of the game, Dr. Light will equip him with a stronger, chargeable Mega Buster, the ability to dash, armor upgrades, and prototype Sub-Tanks.

As always, Mega Man will have to fight a new set of eight robot masters. This game would feature a combination of traditional human-element hybrids, as well as some of the animal-element hybrids from the X series. Wily has infected each of them with the Zero virus, and thus created the world's first Mavericks.

Wily's plan is to release a global Zero virus strain that will turn every machine maverick. Bass will appear throughout the game to warn Mega Man of Wily's latest intentions, and join up with him.

After the eight main bosses are defeated, Bass, Proto Man, and Mega Man will venture to different parts of the world and destroy six stations to stop the virus from spreading. Dr. Light continues to provide upgrades to Bass, Proto Man, and Mega Man as the game progresses. We also see that Dr. Light is working on a new robot (X), and we see his progress unfolding throughout the game.

Once every station is destroyed, Bass, Proto Man, and Mega Man head to Wily's castle to stop him once and for all. During one of the castle levels Bass gets corrupted by the Zero virus. Mega Man and Proto Man have no choice but to nearly destroy him in order to continue. Once Bass is shut down, Dr. Light teleports him back to his lab.

On the last level, in a battle against an even stronger version of prototype Zero, Proto Man sacrifices himself to save Mega Man and is destroyed. Mega Man almost defeats prototype Zero, but Wily interferes and saves him. Wily locks Zero away in a capsule, which buries itself underground. Mega Man and Wily have a final battle, in which Mega Man defeats and kills him. As Wily's castle explodes around him, Mega Man is unable to escape in time. This unleashes the only strain of the Perfect Zero virus on Mega Man.

Bass, now cured of the Zero virus and repaired, returns to the rubble and finds the corrupted version of Mega Man. Bass fights and defeats Mega Man, and then takes him back to Dr. Light's lab. Dr. Light cannot find a way to cure Mega Man of the Perfect Zero virus, and is forced to reset his mind, which erases all of his memories.

Dr. Light then places Mega Man's blank mind into a new body, that of the first ever Reploid: X. In his last weeks on earth, Dr. Light completes his greatest work, X, and buries him.

And that's that. There's my dream Mega Man game. It's full of sacrifice, and I think it would touch many fans of the series in a meaningful way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to leave any comments or opinions.