Saturday, March 12, 2011

Onyx "O" Pendants: Part 1

Here's a work in progress that has taken me quite some time to get off the ground. This is a pendant based on my design for the Onyx "O" logo that can be seen here.
Several weeks after I came up with it, I decided to try making it into a pendant-type object and began modeling it in Maya. I didn't want the final piece to be too fragile, so I modified it by thickening the edges of the piece as a whole.

The next step was to take the model and make it into a real object. Using a CNC machine and with the assistance of one of my friends, the object was cut out of a block of material. When it was free I sanded down the rough edges and gave it to to yet another friend of mine, who blasted it with a layer of primer to smooth it out. From there I passed it on to yet another friend of mine who created a single piece mold of it for me by using the original.

Once the mold was completed we began to experiment with different kinds of material and colors to cast. So far we have made some grey O's, and some light green. The final result may likely be a translucent green, but I'm still experimenting.

When all is said and done and we have a decent stock of them, I intend to start selling them at this shop.


This small project has taken me through some interesting paths and enabled me to utilize a variety of resources and very talented people. It's been a lot of fun! I hope you found this an interesting read and enjoyed checking this process out. Please feel free to send me some feedback, suggestions and opinions! They're always appreciated.

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